Sou Fujimoto creates undulating virtual installation in London
Visitors to this year's London Design Festival can use mixed-reality glasses to manipulate their walk through Medusa, a virtual installation by architect Sou Fujimoto.
Idris Elba is opening a wine bar
The actor, producer and DJ is continuing his love affair with wine
Is there anything this man cannot do?
Camp for kids traumatized by natural disasters offers space for healing
When the Caldor Fire swooped down toward South Lake Tahoe in California, Melissa Benavidez and her family knew it was time to go.
New drug could slow tumour regrowth in inoperable bowel cancer
Researchers have identified a potential new targeted treatment for incurable bowel cancer.
Data Analyst AND Data Scientist: Can You Really Be Both?
Example of a Data Analyst / Scientist job posting.
Photo by author.
I recently came across a job offer entitled Data Analyst / Data Scientist.
Australia to oppose China's bid to join trade pact until it halts strikes against exports
The trade minister, Dan Tehan, says Australia will oppose China's bid to join a key trade pact until it halts trade strikes against Australian exports and ­resumes minister-to-minister contacts with the Morrison government.
Your CSR Strategy Needs to Be Goal Driven, Achievable, and Authentic
Six steps to ensure you make a meaningful impact. "
We are in the era of impact investing and big pledges as companies step up to tackle the toughest environmental and social issues of our time.
Automating Machine Learning Using FLAML
Photo by Pietro Jeng on Unsplash Machine Learning is a process where we try to solve real-life business problems using a different set of algorithms.
Significance of Data Annotation for ADAS Applications
Vehicle safety is one of the major areas in which automakers are making considerable investments.
Podcast | Should the art world boycott China over its treatment of Uyghur people?
This week: as a tribunal in London hears of human rights atrocities against the Uyghur community and other Muslim groups in China, how will museums, galleries and other cultural institutions working with government-supported institutions in China respond?