Programmatic Will Look Different In 2022 - Here Are 6 Trends To Watch
Even if the world hadn't hit a large reset button due to a pandemic, programmatic advertising in 2022 would still look vastly different than any year before.
Property Rights Groups Urge Garland and Kanter to Withdraw 'Misguided' Policy Statement on SEPs Subject to FRAND
"We view the policy reversal, both in the [July 2021] executive order and in the proposed joint policy statement, as misguided, unfounded, and dangerous." - Letter from property rights coalition.
Send in the clones: Using artificial intelligence to digitally replicate human voices
Reporter Chloe Veltman reacts to hearing her digital voice double, "Chloney," for the first time, with Speech Morphing chief linguist Mark Seligman.
Google buys Renzo Piano's Central Saint Giles for London office
Search engine company Google has purchased the Renzo Piano-designed Central Saint Giles development in London for £730 million, as it commits to a future of physical office working.
Concept Pari Is a Small Wireless Magnetic Webcam With Huge Potential
For better or worse, in all likelihood many of us will continue to work from home for some part of 2022.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Why Collaboration Is Key
By: Veronica Haggar on
Creating Psychological Safety in Your Teams
To create a high-performing team, make sure you have a high level of psychological safety in your team, where people feel free to express their questions, concerns, ideas and mistakes.
Influencer Marketing: Turbocharge Your Digital Marketing Programme
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Research: How Entrepreneurship Can Revitalize Local Communities
Both business leaders and policymakers have long understood the potential of entrepreneurship to foster local development.