Children And Teens Gained Weight At An Alarming Rate During The Pandemic, The CDC Says
A new study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ties the COVID-19 pandemic to an "alarming" increase in obesity in U.S. children and teenagers.
Rate of BMI increase in children nearly doubled during pandemic, study finds
(CNN)The rate of body mass index change in children nearly doubled from March to November 2020 compared to the rate of BMI change before the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a study published Thursday in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's report on morbidity and mortality.
Is Mental Fitness Part of Your Workout Routine? - Mindful
Mindful movement specialist and author Cara Bradley explains how we can cross-train for our mental health, the same way we cross-train for physical fitness.
Move for 3 Minutes, Every Half-Hour, to Counter the Ill Effects of Sitting
Climbing stairs, doing jumping jacks or even taking as few as 15 steps during mini-breaks improved blood sugar control among office workers.
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What's unique about your wellness program? How is wellness measured?
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Lethargy, blood sugar and dehydration explain in part the paradoxical effects of coffee on our energy levels.
How Vision Loss Can Affect the Brain
A growing body of evidence suggests that when older people's brains have to work harder to see, declines in language, memory, attention and more could follow.
This interactive yoga mat turns stretching into a game, gives users daily motivation to exercise
Unlike the ordinary stretching mats, Solelp features a smart mat, camera-laden bar, interactive handles and a mobile app that gives users a connected environment to perform and enjoy stretching for a better body posture.
Temper Tantrums: Remain A Calm & Positive Mom In 5 Steps
Channeling our inner calm can be challenging when our children have been on an all-day marathon of crying, hitting, and screaming.
Rides on Sacramento's Bike-Share Replaced Car Trips, Cut VMT
A team of researchers at UC Davis has found that almost forty percent of the trips that people make on the Sacramento area's bike-share system replaced car trips, both in private vehicles and via ride-hail.