As noxious fumes sicken residents, anger grows about Hyperion plant sewage discharge
On a jog in her El Segundo neighborhood, Corrie Zupo's head hurt and her eyes watered.
Climate crisis threatens access to nutrients in fish, study finds
The climate crisis and to a lesser extent overfishing could threaten the world's supply of essential vitamins and minerals gained from fisheries, according to research.
Florida swamped by red tide - but did fertilizer plant spill making it worse?
Piles of dead fish, dolphins, turtles and manatees are rotting on the shorelines of coastal Florida in a soup of reddish brown ocean water after a devastating so-called "red tide" algal bloom struck sea life in the region.
Want to clean up microplastics in the ocean? We just need more mussels
In the waters of a marina near the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in England, a group of mussels are busy at work: filtering the water for microplastics.
Wavves release new album Hideaway: Stream
Wavves are back and ready to soundtrack your summer again. The surf-punk group have just released their new full-length album , and you can stream it below via Apple Music and Spotify.
They want to age wine in the ocean off Santa Barbara. The Coastal Commission is wary
Even in a state known for wine innovation and a willingness to embrace new fads, it was a quirky idea: aging bottles of wine at the bottom of the ocean, about a mile off Santa Barbara.
Someone Filmed a Bat Ray Inside Lake Merritt Last Week
Oakland's brackish loch - the largest lake of its kind (one that contains both fresh and saltwater) in any urban area in the country - has a reputation for being a cesspool.
'Heat dome' probably killed 1bn marine animals on Canada coast, experts say
More than 1 billion marine animals along Canada's Pacific coast are likely to have died from last week's record heatwave, experts warn, highlighting the vulnerability of ecosystems unaccustomed to extreme temperatures.
Protest outside Leinster House calling for action to protect Irish seas
Climate activists have staged a protest outside the Dail calling for action to protect Irish seas.