Anti-independence ads accused of 'profound racism' against indigenous New Caledonians in court action
Cartoons urging New Caledonians to vote no to independence from France in this weekend's referendum have been accused of "profound racism and ridicule towards Pacific Islanders, especially the [indigenous] Kanak people", in a legal submission lodged with France's highest judicial body.
Analysis | What a Bollywood Megastar Means for Women in India
Tens of millions of women have disappeared from the workforce in India over the last decade.
Michael Hurley, an Original Folk Iconoclast, Turns 80
For six decades, the folk singer has chronicled his woes and loves on records he's mostly made himself. His new album celebrates that independence - and the community it fostered.
Ally, Member or Partner? NATO's Long Dilemma Over Ukraine
NATO promised Ukraine full membership in 2008, but without explaining how or when. Putin sees that promise as an ongoing threat to Russia.
Opinion | Why Is There So Much Judgment About How We Feed Our Kids?
At a routine checkup for Priya Fielding-Singh's newborn daughter, a well-meaning nurse put the child on a scale and said, "Let's see how good of a job Mom is doing," which was another way of asking whether the baby had gained weight from drinking Fielding-Singh's breast milk.
Boris Johnson's 'war on judges' is a fiction - the truth is, it is an attack on all of us | Gina Miller
here is one thing that Boris Johnson and I actually agree on, and it is that courts and judges should never be used to " conduct politics by another means", as he said in his election manifesto and again in a 2020 speech.
New Caledonia vote on independence from France to go ahead Sunday
The Pacific territory of New Caledonia goes to the polls on Sunday for a third and final referendum on independence from France with campaigning marked by angry demands to call off the vote because of the Covid pandemic.
Biden and Putin Hold 2-Hour Virtual Summit Over Ukraine
President Biden said a Russian invasion of Ukraine would result in heavy economic penalties for Mr. Putin
The New Pamphleteers: Why One Publisher Is Betting on Short Books with Big Ideas | The Walrus
I t was only common sense, Thomas Paine believed, for the people of the thirteen colonies to declare their independence from Great Britain.