MPs disagree over Bloody Sunday as calls emerge for army regiment apology
A British Army regiment has faced calls to apologise over Bloody Sunday, as MPs clashed in the Commons ahead of the tragedy's 50th anniversary.
Vela easily wins District 4 race - Austin Monitor
Wednesday, January 26, 2022 by Jo Clifton
A Black man jailed instead of a white male felon with a similar name is suing police
Shane Lee Brown, left, spent six days in jail after police departments in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, confused him with an older white man who is a felon and shares a similar name.
FL District Cancels Civil Rights Lecture, Fearing Undue Connections to Critical Race Theory
A Florida college professor's lecture on the civil rights movement was abruptly canceled Wednesday by the Osceola County School District last week after his proposed talk on the civil rights movement raised a "red flag" among those who oppose teaching students about racism in U.S. history.
Family accuses police of racial insensitivity while investigating 23-year-old woman's death
"All we keep getting is doors closed in our face and empty promises."
Good Morning, News: Oregon's Public Defender Shortage, End of Omicron Looms, and US Cruise Ship on the Lam
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Talking Headways Podcast: Civil Rights on the Road
This week we're joined by Anna Zivarts from Disability Rights Washington and Paulo Nunes-Ueno from Front and Centered.
On Voting Rights, Democrats Say They Had to Go Down Swinging
The Battle Over Voting Rights
Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, chose to plunge ahead because of the importance of the issue even after the outcome became preordained.
New job for Briseno as city announces promotions - Austin Monitor
Thursday, January 20, 2022 by Jo Clifton