Judge mostly sides with Florida professors in speech case
A federal judge granted, in part, a preliminary injunction against the University of Florida Friday in a high-profile academic freedom case. All the plaintiffs are professors.
On 'S.N.L.,' Donald Trump Tries His Hand at Wordle
Colin Jost and Pete Davidson provided an update on their purchase of a retired Staten Island Ferry boat, in this episode hosted by Will Forte.
Good Afternoon, News: Charges Against Bean Dropped, Wheeler Nominated for "Clown of the Year," and Voting Rights Bills Expected to Fail
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Democrats near defeat with voting rights push poised to fail
A key part of President Biden's legislative agenda is headed toward another defeat Wednesday, handing Democrats their second high-profile setback in as many months.
Senate begins debate on voting rights legislation
The Senate began debate on voting rights legislation Tuesday for the first time this Congress, inching toward putting every member of the chamber on the record about where they stand on the issue.
"Our Rights Are on the Line" - MLK's Family Tells Sinema, Manchin to Drop Filibuster Defense
The family of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on the day commemorating his life and legacy on the need to strengthen voting rights in the United States - with some deriding specific Democratic Party lawmakers for failing to recognize the seriousness of the matter in their prolonged defense of the Senate filibuster.
Mayor, Governor and Congress members gather in Harlem for MLK forum
The National Action Network hosted New York state's most prominent elected officials in a lively celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life on Monday, highlighting a joint effort to get voting rights passed in Washington, D.C.