The GOP's Off the Rails' March Toward Authoritarianism Has Historians Worried
Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, one of seven Senate Republicans to support the measure, expressed her disgust at her colleagues' vote. 1
Are we going to acknowledge that as a country that is based on these principles of democracy that we hold so dear and one of those is that we have free and fair elections and we respect the results of those elections and allow for a peaceful transition of power? 1
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Breed clashes with S.F. supervisors over Small Business Recovery Act, Shared Spaces, - San Francisco Business Times
Speaking to the media and business community about some $9.5 million in additional investments she plans to make in the city's downtown core, Breed said she is prepared to take two measures she previously introduced - but on Monday were held up by city legislators - to the ballot. 1
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Ministers back down over limiting travel to English Covid hotspots
The controversial guidance directly affected 1.7 million people living in eight local authorities - Bedford, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Kirklees, Leicester, North Tyneside and the London borough of Hounslow - as well as many others who had holidays or family visits planned to those areas following the easing of restrictions. 1
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Indian Government May Regulate Crypto as Asset Class: Report - Regulation Bitcoin News
Indian Government Reportedly Considers Regulating Crypto as an Asset Class
The Indian government has yet to introduce a cryptocurrency bill. An existing bill seeks to ban cryptocurrencies.
Adopting the Bitcoin standard? El Salvador writes itself into history books
The cryptocurrency space and wider economic community continue to laud a historic move by El Salvador to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender.
Greenpeace launch legal action against UK government over secrecy on deep sea mining
Greenpeace has launched legal action against the UK government over ministers' failure to disclose information over the first deep sea mining exploration licences to be made public.
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To curb drug prices, Democrats still seeking a balance
The party can't come to agreement on how to cut costs for patients while keeping profits up.
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