Dimensionality Reduction for Machine Learning
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash What is High Demensional Data?
How does it affect your Machine Learning models?
5 Types of Agile Methodologies You Can Use in Your Projects
A few years ago, Scrum used to be the only Agile methodology. But, times have changed. Right now, there are more than fifty known Agile methods.
So, what is Agile?
Coding Interview: Variables, data types, scope and hoisting in JS
Some of things we have to know about JS are: variables, data types, scope and hoisting.
'Cause every time we use, transform and manipulate a lot of data.
Super Micro expands north San Jose campus with new manufacturing building
SAN JOSE - Super Micro Computer has opened a new manufacturing building on its vast north San Jose campus, marking a fresh expansion for the company in Silicon Valley.
JSR Corp. buys Corvallis-based Inpria for $514M
Corvallis-based materials startup Inpria Corp. is being acquired by JSR Corp, one of the company's strategic partners and investors.
It's a $514 million cash deal.
These jobs slap a 'motherhood penalty' on women (even if they don't have kids)
Unfounded assumptions about how motherhood affects worker productivity can harm women's careers in science, technology, engineering, and math long before they are-or even intend to become-mothers, we found in a new study.
Survey: Teaching suffered in early days of pandemic
Decades of experience in teaching, even teaching online, offered little advantage as the world's universities retreated off campus during the fraught early months of the coronavirus pandemic.
Build a Simple Clock using JavaScript
The best way to learn to code is by practice and building small projects. As part of this blog, let's build a simple clock that will print the local time of the user using JavaScript.
Tech pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81
Technology pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair has died at the age of 81, his family have confirmed.