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Teonanacatl - The Paris Review
Teonanácatl. That's what the Aztecs used to call the mushroom known today as , or "little bird."
Time out of mind: a short story of longform music - The Wire
Time lapse image of David Toop taken during the four hour "Dara dara" performance, Oscillation Festival, Brussels, 2019. Photo: Julia Eckhardt
ENOUGH: Screaming at Ghosts
ENOUGH: Screaming at Ghosts
Screaming at Ghosts Elizabeth Theriot
I had incredible trouble falling asleep at night.
15 Books You Won't Regret Re-reading
Years after these titles were popular, they're still worth picking up.
I Got Sober in the Pandemic. It Saved My Life.
2021 was, objectively, not a great year for most people living on this planet.
Ian McEwan's 'most epic book to date' to be published in September
Ian McEwan's "most epic book to date", moving from the end of the second world war to the current pandemic and exploring the impact of childhood trauma, will be published this autumn.
Iraj Pezeshkzad, celebrated Iranian satirist and author of 'My Uncle Napoleon,' dies
Iraj Pezeshkzad, an Iranian writer whose satirical 1973 novel "My Uncle Napoleon," affectionately skewering the foibles of his countrymen and -women in the decades before the Islamic Revolution, became one of the most phenomenally popular works of modern Persian literature, died Jan. 12 in Santa Monica, Calif.
Delicious Anger: A Conversation with Gwen E. Kirby
Delicious Anger: A Conversation with Gwen E. Kirby
It's been a few years since the Women's March, and since then many seemingly invulnerable men were finally held accountable for their crimes.
The Antidote to Melancholy: Robert Burton's Centuries-Old Salve for Depression, Epochs Ahead of Science
Epochs before modern neuroscience came to locate the crucible of consciousness in the body, centuries before William James proffered his pioneering theory of how our bodies affect our emotions, Robert Burton (February 8, 1577-January 25, 1640) took up these questions in his 1621 tome The Anatomy of Melancholy (public library | public domain), observing that "there is almost no part of the body, which being distempered, doth not cause this malady."
From the Archive: Unbound
From the Archive: Unbound
I pack my purse the way a fussy mother preps her kindergartner for a playdate: snack, water bottle, medication, emergency contact info.