Don't be fooled - the UK economy is not having a rerun of the 1970s | Larry Elliott
he past few days have had a hint of the late 1970s about them. A shortage of lorry drivers has led to fears of food shortages. Nurses are thinking about taking industrial action over pay.
Biden Echoes Progressives, Saying Low Wages Are Driving Worker Shortage
At a town hall in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday night, President Joe Biden appeared to side with progressives on the issue of the so-called worker shortage sweeping the country, saying that it's a low-wage issue instead.
Unemployed California workers could start getting money much faster. Here's why
A car passes a hiring banner in Sacramento, Calif., Friday, July 16, 2021.
US prosperity weakened by COVID-19, mass shootings, report finds
The pandemic, mass shootings, rising obesity and mental health issues have eroded Americans' quality of life, says a new report from the Legatum Institute.
Two-Thirds of Americans Think Kids Will Be Financially Worse Off Than Their Parents
The coronavirus pandemic has financially hit a lot of Americans. Many lost their jobs, and struggled for months with unemployment, some still are.
Reform unemployment, US workers say, as Covid reveals chaotic systems
Unemployed workers are pushing for reforms and changes to America's unemployment insurance system after millions of workers experienced severe problems in receiving benefits throughout the pandemic.
Biden tells restaurateur he'll 'be in a bind' on hiring unless he pays workers more
President Biden told a restaurant owner at an Ohio town hall Wednesday night that he would likely struggle to hire new employees for the next few months before expanded federal unemployment benefits run out - unless he paid them more.
Portland's Poached Jobs has an on demand tool to match workers and restaurants - Portland Business Journal
Poached Jobs, a Portland-based online service that connects employers in restaurant and hospitality, has had a year that mirrored the industry it serves.
The UK has been linked to Congo's 'conflict minerals' - where are the criminal charges? | Vava Tampa
ccording to the Swiss federal criminal court last week, the corruption destroying the Democratic Republic of the Congo - where devastating conflicts over minerals used in our electronics have killed more than six million people - is inextricably linked to the UK, Gibraltar and Switzerland.
He helped expose EDD fraud in California. Now ex-U.S. attorney to help coordinate investigations
Former U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott has been named as a special counsel to help coordinate investigations into California's massive unemployment fraud scandal that began at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.