Hot Take: Apple's iPhone 13 lineup, new iPads and Watch Series 7
On Tuesday, Apple held its annual September event, where it announced a bunch of new products.
What is Neural Architecture Search? And Why Should You Care?
Photo by CDC on Unsplash The use of deep learning models is becoming more and more democratic every day and is becoming indisensable in many industries.
Computer vision can help spot cyber threats with startling accuracy
The last decade's growing interest in deep learning was triggered by the proven capacity of neural networks in computer vision tasks.
How to Create a Docker Image with Jupyter Notebook and Kotlin
Jupyter + kotlin kernel sample Computational Notebooks or simply Notebooks are a flexible and interactive tool that allows scientists to combine software code, computational output and explanatory resources (like text, charts and any other media content) within the same document.
Mathematics Hidden Behind Linear Regression
Hi Everyone, This is about the mathematics that is used in the linear regression (with gradient descent) algorithm.
This was a part of my IB HL Mathematics Exploration.
Linear Regression: What is it?
An Intro to Machine Learning for Biomedical Scientists
Machine learning is everywhere, and biomedical science is not the exception.
Letting an AI Text Generator Babble On Will Showcases Its Biggest Flaw
Photo by Max Chen on Unsplash Like most other people, I have been highly intrigued by the recent usability and results of deep neural networks, especially in the genre of text generators.
Calculating Euclidean Distance with NumPy
In this guide - we'll take a look at how to calculate the Euclidean distance between two points in Python, using Numpy.
Don't forget the human factor
The best analytics and AI tools in the world can't account for the unique foibles of human beings.
Image: iStock/metamorworks
Machine Learning Model: Types, Data Requirement and Preparation
Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that trains computers to think as humans do: by learning from and improving on previous experiences.