GitHub - JustWhit3/osmanip: Library with useful output stream tools like: color and styles manipulators, progress bars and much more.
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Here I want to present you osmanip: my personal C++ library containing useful output-stream tools to customize your output stream.
4 Kind of products in need of UX designers
Rather than talking about Ux design, it is more accurate to talk about user-centered design. 1The physical and psychological characteristics of users as well as the contexts of use must be taken into account whatever the product we design. 1
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South Korean man sentenced in scheme to illegally export live succulent plants from California
The ringleader of a scheme to illegally export to South Korea live succulent plants stolen from Northern California parks - and worth at least $150,000 -was sentenced this week to two years in federal prison, authorities said.
Copyright Infringement and Class Certification Issues
Greg Kihn is a musician best known for his 1983 hit song, "Jeopardy." In 2017, he (and his publishing company) filed suit against Bill Graham Archives, LLC, which did business as Wolfgang's Vault.
Retail sales drop in December as Omicron bites
Retail sales volumes fell last month as the spread of Omicron kept shoppers away from stores, although they remain around pre-pandemic levels, according to official figures.
Federal agents return 4,000-year-old artifacts to Iraqi government
Federal agents on Thursday returned two ancient stone artifacts to representatives of the Iraqi government at the country's consulate in Los Angeles.
SolidJS vs. React: Comparing declarative UI libraries - LogRocket Blog
Ever wondered what the differences between the SolidJS and React JavaScript libraries are?
10 Tips To Write Better Functions In Python - PyBites
Functions are your primary building blocks in Python. They can be deceptively easy, yet they are profound.
Right off the bat there are some major benefits of using functions:
When Using useMemo is A Really Bad Idea
useMemo without a doubt is a handy utility that can improve an application's performance.
Analysis | Does the Trump Family's Grift Add Up to Fraud?
The Trump family has run-ins with law enforcement almost as frequently as other families go grocery shopping.