Official: FIGC Investigation Racist Chants Aimed At AC Milan Midfielder By Lazio Fans
AC Milan requested the FIGC to open an investigation against Lazio for the racist chants aimed at midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko during the third round of Serie A as we reported here.
$400M Suit Says Wells Fargo Failed to Protect RMBS Investor
Taconic Capital Advisors filed a $400 million suit against Wells Fargo alleging the financial giant failed to protect its investment in residential mortgage-backed securities, despite knowing many of the loans could be worthless.
Using Podman with BuildKit, the better Docker image builder
BuildKit is a new and improved tool for building Docker images: it's faster, has critical features missing from traditional Dockerfiles like build secrets, plus additionally useful features like cache mounting.
Implementing Your First End-to-End Tests In React Using Cypress
Cypress is the leading end-to-end ('E2E') tool for frontend testing, but many frontend developers have only a passing familiarity with testing as a concept.
French woman held by Home Office officials at Gatwick for eight hours
A French woman who has an EU settlement application under way was detained and held by Home Office officials at a London airport for more than eight hours.
Next.js automatic image optimization with next/image - LogRocket Blog
A picture is worth a thousand words, and images are an important part of the web to communicate with users. Defining them in their most basic form is straightforward and done with the humble element:
Give EU nationals a physical document, devolved administrations tell Home Office
The Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments have urged the Home Office to provide EU nationals in Britain with a physical document to prove their post-Brexit immigration status, or risk "confusion and discrimination".
Infinite Scrolling in Vue using the Vue Intersection Observer API
In a Vue web application, sometimes we fetch so much data from an API we cannot display on our site at once, because of performance issues, instead, we want to display them in chunks.
Usability heuristics for cognitive disabilities.
Our work as designers is to help people solve problems & not overwhelm them with so many tasks on a product.
How to play sounds in React Native using react-native-sound - LogRocket Blog
Adding sounds to your app is a great way to engage users.