Florida teens arrested after taking part in devious lick' TikTok challenge, sheriff says
Florida teens arrested after taking part in devious lick' TikTok challenge, sheriff says Copy Link {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied!
Liberals cut ties with Toronto candidate over dropped sexual assault charge, military review | CBC News
The Liberal Party said Toronto candidate Kevin Vuong is no longer running under the party banner and won't sit with the Liberal caucus if elected.
Viral TikTok trend that encourages vandalism hits California schools
Toilets ripped out of bathroom stalls. Backpacks stuffed with plastic cafeteria spoons and electric hand dryers yanked from walls. COVID-19 test dispensers emptied of their contents.
TikTok's Latest Craze: Stealing Stuff From School
Students are taking things like soap dispensers, fire alarms and bathroom mirrors. TikTok and educators are trying to stop it, but it's gone viral.
'Blue on blue' shooting trial stalls over Niagara police witness with access to SIU evidence | CBC News
The trial in Hamilton of a Niagara police officer who was shot by one of his colleagues has stalled until next week over questions about improper access to evidence.
Twin Cities Schools Report Bathrooms Being Plundered For 'Devious Licks' TikTok Challenge
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) A nationwide TikTok trend involving students stealing items from their schools and posting swaggering videos online afterward has prompted at least two Twin Cities schools to crack down this week, boosting security and surveillance.
Elizabeth Holmes's defense team intends to object to Theranos worker's testimony
SAN JOSE - Elizabeth Holmes's defense team filed its intent to issue objections Thursday to expected testimony from a former Theranos employee, attempting to block the scientist from sharing how much she believes Holmes knew about operations within the company's blood-testing technology teams.
Venezuela's Judicial System Abets Repression, Says U.N. Rights Panel
Ms. Valiñas said the panel is continuing to investigate the crimes identified in that report, but added that the second report, which it will present to the Human Rights Council next week, focused on the workings of Venezuela's judicial system and conducted a detailed analysis of 183 detentions.
L.A. fire captain severely burned in downtown explosion sues building owners, vape shops
A Los Angeles Fire Department captain severely burned in a May 2020 explosion inside a downtown L.A. warehouse has sued the owners of the building and a vaping supply shop housed there, accusing them of hazardous activity, premise liability and negligence.
Aurora police have pattern of racially biased policing, Colorado AG says
Aurora police department has a pattern of racially biased policing, Colorado's attorney general said Wednesday, following a civil rights investigation that began amid outrage over the killing of Elijah McClain.