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Thousands March For LGBTQ+ Rights In Ukraine Despite Some Opposition - Towleroad Gay News
KYIV (Reuters) - Thousands of people including soldiers and diplomats marched peacefully through the Ukrainian capital on Sunday in an annual gay pride parade despite some opposition to an event called off last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Freddie Mercury's favorite hobby, the "Vogue" wall, & Austin's little gay shop
If you can take your eyes away from Lil Nas X's locker room sex scene, check out the latest from Gay TikTok this week:
An old Freddie Mercury clip made the rounds.
Gay War Veteran Speaks Out For Equal Rights In Ukraine's Military - Towleroad Gay News
By Margaryta Chornokondratenko
Cuba publishes draft family code that opens door to gay marriage
HAVANA, Sept 15 - Cuba published a long-awaited draft of a new family code on Wednesday that would open the door to gay marriage if approved, in a move that LGBT rights activists applauded cautiously as they remained wary of whether it would actually be implemented.
Rainbow Honor Walk to Honor Phyllis Lyon, Lesbian Activist and Civil Rights Trailblazer, with Sidewalk Plaque - San Francisco Bay Times
The Rainbow Honor Walk this week announced that it has chosen Phyllis Lyon, the world-renowned San Francisco-based activist for lesbian rights and visibility, as its next honoree in the board's forthcoming slate of 24 new LGBTQ pioneers.
How to Create a Retirement Spending Strategy - San Francisco Bay Times
By Brandon Miller, CFP-
As a kid, I loved a board game called Stratego, which is different each time you play it. You try to protect your flag, while uncovering the other person's.
Vaccinated Visit with Dad: Nosh & Chat about Authoritarian Tactics from 1955 to Present - San Francisco Bay Times
By Louise "Lou" Fischer-
In 1990, when I moved from the Northeast to San Francisco, I assured my Jewish parents, "California is only a plane ride away; I'll visit all the time."
Ann Rostowa: Cuomo Scandal Brings Down HRC President - San Francisco Bay Times
By Ann Rostow-
I suppose I have to lead with the news that the board of the Human Rights Campaign has fired HRC president Alphonso David for cause after two years in the job.
GGBA Member Spotlight: Jonathan Yeo of The Potential Space - San Francisco Bay Times
After a decade of working at Apple, Jonathan Yeo desired to help smaller organizations and individuals discover and unleash their potentials.
GGBA Message from Leadership: Protecting My Gay Son's Future While Helping Others - San Francisco Bay Times
By Stacey Blanda-
Why did I, as a straight woman, become a board member of an LGBTQ chamber? I'll tell you.