Analysis | Holiday Gift Returns Are Choking Retailers and Landfills
As the warmth of the holiday season ebbs, Americans are taking a cold look at their Christmas gifts. Many don't like what they see.
Discarded packages, shredded boxes: Photos renew attention on Los Angeles cargo theft
Newly released photos and videos showing train tracks littered with discarded boxes have cast fresh attention on the theft of packages from cargo containers crossing through Los Angeles in recent months.
The Biz Beat: Hicklebee's in San Jose brings stories to life
Sitting comfortably in an aisle of Hicklebee's bookstore, Calvin, 11, shares a book with his 9-year-old brother, Malcolm.
Brothers arrested, charged with string of retail thefts in Ventura County
Two brothers were arrested and charged in a string of retail thefts in Ventura County, including stealing an entire jewelry display with more than $21,000 in merchandise, according to the county Sheriff's Department.
iHeartMedia plants a stake in the meta era with VR and tokenization plans - RAIN News
In what Chairman/CEO Bob Pittman calls "a unique opportunity," and Digital Audio Group CEO Conal Byrne calls "the incredible potential of web3," iHeartMedia announced its intention to develop "meta" experiences on the Roblox platform.
Former Employees of Caribbean Institution Gloria's Open Their Own Restaurant
Former employees of Crown Heights institution, Gloria's, have opened their own Caribbean restaurant just a few doors down called Gee's, located at 770 Nostrand Avenue, near Sterling Place.
Music Doesn't Pay the Bills... Merch Does
A few days ago, I stumbled upon this post on Reddit. It generated lots of chatter online (even ), with many people pointing out how abysmally low the music royalty rates are.
Analysis | Global Brands in India Have a Mutiny at Hand
From Unilever Plc to Colgate-Palmolive Co., consumer goods makers in India are facing distribution blues that have nothing to do with pandemic-induced shortages and bottlenecks.
The surprising story behind the Beatles logo
(Image credit: The Beatles/Future)
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 60 years, you probably know who The Beatles are.
Bold brute threatens stranger with boxcutter * Brooklyn Paper
A pair of thieves stole a wallet stocked with credit cards from a man walking on Adelphi Street on Dec. 13.