Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Retrospective | All Things Nintendo
On this week's episode of All Things Nintendo, we celebrate the conclusion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's downloadable content by looking back at the wildly ambitious project.
Build: Architecture 2021 online event to explore frontiers of 3D rendering
Dezeen promotion: Zaha Hadid Architects, BIG, HOK and Foster + Partners are among the architectural practices giving presentations at Build: Architecture 2021, an event exploring innovative uses of real-time rendering.
Warriors 3 Things: There's nothing in sports like a Steph Curry flurry
There's nothing in sports quite like a Steph Curry flurry.
It's spellbinding to watch No. 30, oftentimes the smallest man on the court, dominate in a sport of giants.
'Metroid Dread' struggles to communicate the series' true, lasting appeal. Let us help.
"Metroid Dread" is not just hard, as I wrote in my review. It can also be hard to understand.
Released earlier this month, "Dread" is the first new 2D Metroid game since 2002′s "Metroid Fusion."
Jamie Lee Curtis Didn't Have 'inkling' Her Daughter Was Trans - Towleroad Gay News
Jamie Lee Curtis didn't have an "inkling" that her youngest child was trans.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | GI Live
It's not every week development ends on one of the biggest games ever released. This week saw the historic inclusion of Kingdom Hearts hero Sora in Smash Bros.
Experts, users warn about explicit content on Roblox
Users of the popular online platform Roblox say that while the games' bright colors and block-like avatars may appear kid-friendly, parts of the platform are far from appropriate for children.
Centre for Computing History apologises for data breach
The Centre for Computing History (CCH) in Cambridge, England, has apologised for an "embarrassing" breach in its online customer datafile, though thankfully no payment card information was exposed.
Squid Game and other popular titles help propel Netflix to higher 3rd-quarter earnings | CBC News
Netflix posted sharply higher third-quarter earnings Tuesday thanks to a stronger slate of titles, including Squid Game, the dystopian survival drama from South Korea that the company says became its biggest-ever TV show.
Comic art tips: 10 ways to work the Marvel way
Making it in comic art can be tough. Seasoned pro Adi Granov has been working at Marvel for over 17 years. Few artists have had as much impact in the whole of Marvel's output quite like Adi.