TikTok updates US privacy policy to collect 'faceprints and voiceprints' (but won't explain what they are)
As is often the case with privacy policies, there's a lot of conflation here between outcomes that users are probably fine with (like adding video effects) and outcomes they might think are more invasive (like ad targeting and "demographic classification.") 1There's also a lot of broad language used in order to cover any future updates TikTok might add to the platform. 1
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Gory beheading video inserted into notorious TikTok to shock users
A viral TikTok video showing a girl being beheaded has been removed from the short-form video platform.
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Twitter Launch "Blue" Subscription; Netflix in Podcast Push
Twitter have launched a paid subscription service in Canada and Australia.
TikTok changes its policies to add strange new terms
TikTok says it could collect "faceprints and voiceprints" on its users - though has not made clear what they are.
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Facebook takes down official page for French town of Bitche
Facebook has 99 problems, and the French town of Bitche is one.