Victory! Dartmouth Ends Unfounded Cheating Investigation After Students, Rights Groups Speak Out
After a technical review, EFF determined that the logs easily could have been generated by the automated syncing of course material to devices logged into Canvas but not being used during an exam. 1
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Katherine Clark weighs in on Ilhan Omar's controversial tweet, as Ayanna Pressley comes to her defense
"Imagine if Congress was as outraged by what Palestinians endure daily."
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MassGOP committee member says she will not resign after making anti-gay remarks
Chairman Jim Lyons said the party left a private meeting Wednesday united. Not everyone agrees.
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Pelosi backs Jewish Dems' rebuke of Ilhan Omar for comparing U.S., Israel to Hamas, Taliban
Ms. Pelosi stopped short of taking official punitive action against Ms. Omar, a Minnesota Democrat and member of the far-left "Squad" that has often been at odds with party leadership.
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Ontario calls back legislators as government moves to invoke notwithstanding clause | CBC News
Ontario legislators were called back from their summer break on Thursday to kick off a marathon weekend sitting as the government prepared to invoke the notwithstanding clause to restore election finance law provisions struck down by a judge this week.
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Macron says G7 countries should work together to tackle toxic online content
In a press conference at the Élysée Palace, French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated his focus on online regulation, and more particularly toxic content.
The conflict in the Middle East is sustained by the silencing of Palestinians | Ghada Karmi
he silencing of the Palestinian story is nothing new. In 1950s Britain, a few years after Israel was established, even the name Palestine went out of use.
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Oxford's Oriel College faces teaching boycott over Cecil Rhodes statue
More than 150 lecturers are reportedly refusing to teach students at Oxford University's Oriel College in protest at the institution's decision not to remove a contentious statue of Victorian imperialist Cecil Rhodes.
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