Dual national in Syrian prison launches high court challenge of Australian citizenship loss laws
Laws allowing the home affairs minister to cancel the Australian citizenship of a dual national suspected of terrorist activities are being challenged in the high court.
New Zealand agrees to repatriate suspected Isis member who grew up in Australia
New Zealand has agreed that a suspected member of Islamic State who grew up in Australia can be repatriated from Turkey along with her two young children, a decision prime minister Jacinda Ardern said was "not taken lightly".
Mercury prize 2021: first-time nominees dominate shortlist
Chart-topping albums by Wolf Alice, Celeste and Mogwai feature in nominations for the 2021 Mercury prize, one of the most prestigious music awards in the UK.
Runaway animals are as L.A. as car chases. Here's why they make headlines
Thousands of us watched and cheered the Pico Rivera 40 - the cows who broke out of a slaughterhouse last month, and briefly roamed the streets as free cattle at last.
Caribbean woman whose Windrush father served in Royal Air Force forced to shell out thousands to remain in UK
A Caribbean woman whose Windrush father served in Royal Air Force (RAF) for years has been forced to shell out thousands of pounds to remain in UK due to what lawyers term "discriminatory" British nationality laws.
Where Are the Fans for Israel's National Baseball Team? In New York.
The Tokyo-bound Israeli national baseball team has more supporters in New York than in its home country.
Manchin in the middle: Pressure mounts in West Virginia to oppose $3.5 trillion spending package
Sen. Joe Manchin III is facing intense political pressure in West Virginia to oppose his party's gargantuan spending package of health care, family aid and anti-poverty programs, testing where the allegiance lies for one of the chamber's most conservative Democrats.
Can Democrats' Immigration Reform Plan Succeed Through Budget Reconciliation? | KQED
"And, we will make sure that every elected official knows they will be judged at the voting booth on whether they deliver citizenship for millions this year," warned Praeli, a formerly undocumented immigrant, adding that Democrats will lose credibility among Latino and immigrant voters if they don't enact promised reforms.
Fate of Democrats' Ambitious $3.5 Trillion Bill Rests Once Again With Centrists
With the announcement on Wednesday evening of a breakthrough budget deal among Democrats in the Senate, all eyes and ears are on centrists in the party, who could become the make-or-break votes on whether the final bill moves forward, or eventually gets watered-down because of their disapproval of certain aspects of it.
Ex-bikie and missing property magnate among Australian names granted Vanuatu citizenship
A former Comanchero bikie and a missing property magnate owing hundreds of millions of dollars after his businesses collapsed are among Australians granted citizenship through Vanuatu's controversial citizenship-by-investment scheme.