Former Australian PM Paul Keating criticises Liz Truss over 'demented' China comments
The former Australian prime minister Paul Keating has accused Liz Truss of making "demented" comments about Chinese military aggression and urged the British foreign secretary to hurry "back to her collapsing, disreputable government".
Online safety bill 'a missed opportunity' to prevent child abuse, MPs warn
The sharing of some of the most insidious images of child abuse will not be prevented by a new government bill that aims to the make the internet a safer place, MPs have said.
Who is Yevheniy Murayev, the man the U.K. says Russia wants to install in Ukraine?
Georgian activists hold posters as they gather in support of Ukraine in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia on Sunday, Jan. 23.
Intel Investment in New Ohio Chip Plant Could Reach $100M
It'll be a macro microchip plant.
British police granted extra time to quiz men over Texas synagogue stand-off
Detectives have been given extra time to question two men as part of the investigation into the Texas synagogue attack by British hostage-taker Malik Faisal Akram.
A Toronto drug company says a proposed condo project threatens 'national security.' Here's why | CBC News
A pharmaceutical company in north Toronto is objecting to a proposed new condo development next door on the grounds that the hundreds of residents looking down on its facility will represent a threat to national security.
Home Office forced to reinstate British man's citizenship after five years
A British man left stateless by the government in 2017 has had his UK citizenship restored after a lengthy court battle.
Two men arrested in England over Texas synagogue stand-off
Two men have been arrested in Birmingham and Manchester as part of the investigation into the Texas synagogue attack by British hostage-taker Malik Faisal Akram.
Texas synagogue gunman had previously been investigated by MI5
A British gunman who took hostages at a Texas synagogue was previously investigated by MI5.
Opinion | Mothers, Absent and Present
" Sparing a Thought for Absent Mothers," by Amanda Hess (Critic's Notebook, Jan. 15), was brilliant and heartfelt and let us in to her own challenges as a mother.