Scholz's team: key players in Germany's new government
Olaf Scholz is set to become Germany s new chancellor on Wednesday at the head of a three-party coalition government, ending the 16-year era of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel Scholz will lead a 17-member Cabinet with one more minister than Merkel's, made up of nine men and eight women.
Perspective | Parents can be clumsy school critics. Teach students to do it better.
My favorite course in high school was U.S. history, taught by a remarkable man named Al Ladendorff.
Red Alert for Parents: The U.S. Could Face a *Gasp* Chicken Tender Shortage
Chicken tenders have become the latest culprit of supply chain issues, as the United States is facing a looming shortage of the popular poultry product with prices rising almost a dollar per pound over the last year.
We're a long way from where we need to be on climate change, expert says
The former UK and EU lead negotiator for UN climate talks has said the Glasgow climate pact was a "success" but added that far more needs to be done to protect the world from climate change.
Sri Lanka's Plunge Into Organic Farming Brings Disaster
The economically troubled country banned chemical fertilizers without preparing farmers, prompting a surge in food prices and worries about shortages.
Trevor Noah Suggests Sending Marjorie Taylor Greene to Beijing
"If you want to get back at China, you have Marjorie Taylor Greene in the stands," Noah said of the U.S. diplomatic boycott of the Olympics.
Earth Black Box is an indestructible recorder built by scientists to record climate change & civilization - Yanko Design
This giant steel box sitting on a remote outcrop in Tasmania is an indestructible tool designed to outlive us all while recording every action and inaction towards climate change that affects our civilization...and it has already started recording!
Robert Habeck: from translating English verse to German high office
he man who will spend the next four years trying to bring about a green transformation of Germany's coal-hungry industry once faced another daunting challenge in a previous, less publicly exposed career: translating the most controversial poems in recent British history from English into German.
Germany: Scholz Announces Names of New Ministers
Berlin, December 6th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) - Ten weeks after the triple election win for the German Social Democrats, which nobody expected, big questions were answered.
Stop Worrying About These 7 Pregnancy Myths
Pregnancy remains mysterious despite a wealth of scientific knowledge about the gestational process. That's not particularly surprising.