UK government orders councils to display EU flag as condition of receiving Covid high street cash
The UK government is telling councils to display EU flags across towns and cities in England as a condition for receiving high street Covid recovery cash.
UK holidaymakers booked for France could lose money if they do not go
Holidaymakers who were hoping to head to France in the coming weeks are in some cases being told by accommodation providers that they will lose their money if they do not turn up.
UK government opening floodgates to Covid variants, MPs warn
The government is "opening the floodgates" to new versions of Covid, a cross-party group of MPs has warned, after revealing a steep decline in the proportion of positive tests veing analysed for variants among people arriving from red list countries.
Why could Stonehenge be stripped of world heritage site status?
Unesco has confirmed that Stonehenge could be stripped of its world heritage site status, over its concern that a road tunnel, backed by the government, would irreversibly damage an area of "outstanding universal value".
Stonehenge may be next UK site to lose world heritage status
The UK is eroding its global reputation for conserving its "unparalleled" historic assets, culture bodies have warned, with Stonehenge expected to be the next in line to lose its coveted World Heritage status after Liverpool.
Belfast judge calls on UK to investigate Omagh bombing
A high court judge in Belfast has recommended the UK government undertake a human rights compliant investigation into the Omagh bombing, and urged the Irish government to do likewise, after finding there was a "real prospect" the Real IRA attack in 1998 could have been prevented.
'Real prospect' Omagh bombing could have been prevented, High Court rules
A High Court judge in Belfast has ruled there was a "real prospect" the Omagh bombing could have been prevented.
Stop Cambo oil field or we'll see you in court, Greenpeace warns government
Greenpeace has threatened to take the government to court if it approves drilling at a new oil field in Scotland.
Alan Turing Institute to spend 60m from UK.gov on AI for air traffic control and banking
The UK government will, to the tune of £60m, bankroll two major research projects led by the country's national institute for AI, the Alan Turing Institute: one to automate air traffic control, and the other for banking services.
Thousands aged over 65 failed to apply for EU settled status - report
Significant numbers of Europeans in the UK aged over 65 failed to apply to the EU settlement scheme (EUSS) before the deadline, a parliamentary report has found, warning that this could make thousands of retirement-aged EU nationals vulnerable to Britain's hostile environment policies.