Federal Communications Commission proposed stricter rules on how telco carriers should report data breaches
The US Federal Communications Commission is considering imposing stricter rules requiring telecommunications carriers to report data breaches to customers and law enforcement more quickly.
The FCC proposes new data breach rules for phone companies
Phone companies could have to follow new rules about how they notify customers and the government following a data breach if a proposal from the Federal Communication Commission's chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel passes.
The Power of "SETA" for Human Defensive Culture in InfoSec
I wish your new year is filled with health, love and hopes!
To start this wonderful year, let me share you something about Information Security Awareness topic, it's called " SETA ".
Uber Bug, Ignored for Years, Casts Doubt on Official Uber Emails
A simple-to-exploit bug that allows bad actors to send emails from Uber's official system skating past email security went unaddressed despite multiple flagging by researchers.
SlimPay fined for exposing bank data of 12 million
SlimPay, a Paris-based subscription payment services company, has been fined €180,000 by the French CNIL regulatory body after it was found to have held sensitive customer data on a publicly accessible server for five years.
Another T-Mobile cyberattack reportedly exposed customer info and SIMs
T-Mobile has suffered another cyberattack after being rocked by a massive data breach in August.
Police National Computer not pwned by Clop ransomware crims
The Clop ransomware gang pwned a managed service provider with access to the UK's Police National Computer, dumping data on its dark web leaks site - but officials deny that police data was compromised.
Luxembourg judge hits pause on Amazon's daily payments of disputed $844m GDPR fine
Amazon is set for an early Christmas present as a Luxembourg judge suspended a court order requiring a daily $750,000 payment towards a disputed $844m (€746m) fine.
Desjardins settles 2019 data breach class-action lawsuit for up to nearly $201M | CBC News
Financial services firm Desjardins Group will pay up to nearly $201 million to settle a class-action lawsuit related to a data breach in 2019 that affected close to 9.7 million Canadians.
Security Think Tank: There's much more to do to secure hybrid workers
For security teams, 2020 was all about firefighting.