Analysis | The Finance Research Crisis Is All Too Human
Finance research is in a difficult moment, with one influential professor estimating that half the market-beating strategies published in leading journals are duds.
Researchers use gene editing to create single-sex mice litters
Scientists have used gene-editing technology to create female-only and male-only mice litters with 100% efficiency.
From utopian dreams to Soho sleaze: the naked history of British nudism
hen Annebella Pollen was 17, she left behind her strict Catholic upbringing for the life of a new-age hippy, living in a caravan and frolicking naked among the standing stones of Devon, while earning a living by modelling for life-drawing classes.
HIV rates dropped significantly in 2020. Was it because of COVID-19?
New data suggests that COVID-19 actually reduced HIV transmission, possibly because people were staying home instead of hooking up throughout the pandemic... or getting tested for HIV.
How research builds the designer
The practice of design has been around since 2.5 million years ago, when the first tool was made to simplify life by the Homo habilis.
All Babies Cry, but How Much Is Too Much?
Babies with colic can be incredibly challenging, but thankfully the condition ends on its own.
Scientists Discover Unexplained Barrier at Our Galaxy's Center
ABSTRACT breaks down mind-bending scientific research, future tech, new discoveries, and major breakthroughs.
Chip developer Cerebras bolsters AI-powered workload capabilities with $250M
Cerebras Systems, the California-based company that has built a "brain-scale" chip to power AI models with 120 trillion parameters, said today it has raised $250 million funding at a valuation of over $4 billion.
Harris and Macron aim for increased US-French cooperation as world enters 'new era'
Both countries are looking to rebuild trust after the US struck a surprise deal with Australia in September to help that country develop nuclear submarines, sinking a French submarine contract with Australia in the process.
Good Afternoon, News: Delay in Kid Vaccines, Harney County Would Rather Be In Idaho, and DOJ Sues Texas Over Anti-Voting Laws
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