Neuroscience Is Inspiring Some Amazing Sci-Fi
Daryl Gregory's collection Unpossible features several short stories inspired by neuroscience, including "Digital," in which a man's consciousness migrates from his head into his finger, and "Glass," in which sociopaths are "cured" by activating their mirror neurons.
Judith Hanna obituary
During her 30 years of working for a range of campaigning bodies and NGOs, my wife, Judith Hanna, who has died aged 67 of liver cancer, saw concern about the environment go from a fringe issue for community activists to a mainstream subject with a professionalised career structure.
adrienne maree brown Says 'All Organizing Is Science Fiction'
The writer and social-justice facilitator adrienne maree brown thinks we can use organizing like time travel - as a way to transport ourselves into a more communal and sustainable future.
3 Pillars of Autonomous IT Ops
By: Shai Israel on
Imagine a future where human IT operators and intelligent systems work together in a virtual operations room; the systems do the heavy lifting while the humans supervise.
Colson Whitehead Reinvents Himself, Again
After winning back-to-back Pulitzers, the author of "The Underground Railroad" and "The Nickel Boys" took another detour with his new crime novel, "Harlem Shuffle."
All aTwitter: 6 September 2021
The Chargers and Washington were both 2-7 to start last last season then went on to finish 5-2 with a 7-9 record. Random nugget. #WashingtonFootball
Part 1: Last season: Hops had 17 kicks 40-49 yds.
Photos: 9 best tasks humans have offloaded to robotic helpers
Best tasks humans have offloaded to robotic helpers
Best tasks humans have offloaded to robotic helpers
From "bionic" mixologists and roving pizza delivery pros, here are some of the top tasks humans have handed over to humanity's robotic sidekicks.
Islamism remains first-order security threat to west, says Tony Blair
The west still faces the threat of 9/11-style attacks by radical Islamist groups but this time using bio-terrorism, Tony Blair has warned.
Liang Architecture Studio creates retrofuturistic boutique in Hangzhou
Grand steel and micro-cement structures, celestial lighting and symmetrical layouts add a sense of ceremony to the shopping experience within this clothing boutique in Hangzhou, China by Liang Architecture Studio.