How the murder of a Swedish rapper shocked a nation and put police on the back foot
hey began heading for the shopping mall exit when they saw the police.
Senior terrorism and gangs police officer suspended over 'criminal allegation'
A senior officer who leads Police Scotland's efforts to counter terrorism and organised crime has been suspended from duty following a "criminal allegation".
Kylie Jenner Isn't a Self-Made Billionaire. No One Is.
The cover of Forbes August issues features a full-lipped Kylie Jenner sporting a Mona Lisa smile beside a description of her as a "self-made" billionaire. The internet wasn't having it.
Analysis | Trump's Failed Iran Gamble Was Still Worth It
In 2015, when President Barack Obama was trying to sell the Iran nuclear deal, one of the administration's talking points was that many officials within the Israeli national security establishment supported the bargain privately even as they publicly supported Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's opposition to it.
'A cold-souled Brokeback': queerness and desire in The Power of the Dog
ane Campion's The Power of the Dog is a film of reveals: some gradual and ruthlessly calculated, others abrupt and careless and hastily re-concealed.
Iran preparing to enrich uranium, nuclear deal talks in Vienna told
Iran sought to heighten pressure on western negotiators in Vienna through increasing its use of advanced centrifuges as talks on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal carried on for a third day on Wednesday.
Putin and West Spar Over NATO's Military Ties to Ukraine
Tensions over Ukraine escalated as Russia's leader demanded "legal guarantees" that the Western military alliance would not expand to the East, a position NATO regards as untenable.
Facundo Pellistri: 'I wrote to Ole. He gave me the chance to play for United'
Announce Pellistri. The transfer window was into added time, the clock was ticking and they were getting nervous, watching the seconds slip away and hitting f5 over and over.
How Google's GeoFence Captured "Lions Not Sheep" Lisa Homer - emptywheel
Over the course of the January 6 investigation, I have repeatedly looked at the role several geofences - warrants collecting the identifiers of those who accessed cell sites in the vicinity of a crime - have played in the investigation.