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1 week ago
NYC startup

Summer Raises $9M to Make Student Loan Assistance From Employers a Workplace Benefit

Student loan debt in the US is high, surpassing credit card debt.
Employers need to prioritize financial well-being to attract and retain talent, especially millennials and Gen Z. [ more ]
UK news
1 week ago
UK news

Cleaners at government buildings to strike over race discrimination'

Migrant cleaners at the Department for Education are considering strike action over unequal treatment and low wages.
Union members claim they are denied the London Living Wage, annual leave, and sick pay received by white-collar workers. [ more ]
1 month ago
UK news

Asda to give more than 120,000 staff pay rises

Asda investing £150 million for 8.4% pay rise for over 120,000 staff
Aim to become the highest-paying grocery retailer in the UK [ more ]
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The Verge
1 week ago

Apple Store employees in New Jersey are trying to unionize

Apple Store employees in Short Hills, New Jersey are seeking to unionize.
Previous unionization efforts faced pushback from Apple. [ more ]
Above the Law
2 weeks ago

Some Job Perks Are Better Than Salary

Job perks can make up for a lower salary, such as remote work and travel opportunities.
Expense reimbursements and travel rewards can add significant value to compensation packages. [ more ]
3 weeks ago
Remote teams

Why Employee Care Is More Critical Than Ever In A Globalized World

Organizations must prioritize employee well-being as both an ethical duty and a legal obligation.
Enhanced employee benefits and remote work require robust programs for employee safety and support during crises. [ more ]
3 weeks ago
Remote teams


Easy international payroll and compliance
Employee benefits for global teams [ more ]
3 weeks ago
Remote teams

Fully Remote Jobs at Apple You Can Apply for in March 2024

Apple is offering remote work positions across different locations globally.
Remote work remains a valuable perk, even as return-to-office mandates increase. [ more ]
Miami Herald
1 month ago

You Could Make $20 an Hour Working From Home for Marriott - No Degree Required

Marriott Vacations Worldwide is highly recognized as a top workplace and offers unique perks like free stays for employees after 25 years.
Marriott work from home jobs include various roles such as customer engagement specialists, business operations managers, accountants, and more. [ more ]
Above the Law
2 weeks ago

In California, Minimum Hourly Wage For Fast-Food Workers Is Now $20

California raised the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 per hour, making them the highest paid in the US.
The law defines fast-food restaurants based on criteria like limited table service and being part of a chain with at least 60 establishments nationwide. [ more ]
3 weeks ago
Video games

Halo And COD Support Dev Lays Off 25 People, Citing "Unprecedented Challenges"

Certain Affinity, a game developer, laid off 25 US-based workers due to industry challenges and funding slowdown.
Affected employees are receiving severance pay, continuing benefits, and portable vested stock awards. [ more ]
Berlin Startup Jobs
3 weeks ago
UX design

Job Vacancy: Senior UI/UX Designer (f/m/d) // 7Mind GmbH | Design / UX Jobs | Berlin Startup Jobs

Emphasis on mental and personal well-being in the workplace
Innovative benefits and work culture promoting well-being [ more ]
1 month ago
Remote teams

How Personalized Benefits Can Attract And Retain Top Employees

Personalized benefits are crucial in attracting and retaining top employees.
Benefits need to be customized to match individual employee needs and aspirations. [ more ]
1 month ago
Remote teams

Employees got average salary raise of 10% in 2023, beating inflation - Jobstreet

Employees received an average pay raise of 10.24% in 2023, outpacing inflation.
70% of companies provided staff promotions in 2023 with an average salary increment of 12.54%. [ more ]
Sacramento Bee
1 month ago

How much does it cost for Modesto City Schools' teachers to cover their health insurance?

Teachers in Modesto City Schools face significant health insurance costs.
Healthcare contributions can be a substantial portion of teachers' annual salary. [ more ]
1 month ago
EU data protection

New EU gig economy laws saved from oblivion by Belgian compromise

New laws in the EU aim to improve gig workers' rights like holidays and minimum wage.
The compromise text of the Platform Work Directive paves the way for better working conditions for gig economy workers in the EU. [ more ]
1 month ago
Startup companies

Healthee Raises $32M for its AI-Powered Health Benefits Naviation and Management Platform

Employees want help with benefits
Healthee aids in optimizing benefits and reducing healthcare costs. [ more ]
1 month ago

After Gains at Big Three, U.A.W. Aims at Nonunion Plants

Organizing nonunion plants is a key focus for United Automobile Workers post-Ford strike.
Workers at Volkswagen plant in Tennessee seek union support for better pay and benefits. [ more ]
1 month ago

Nestle, P&G, and Walmart reveal their 2024 talent retention secrets

Companies prioritize talent retention by investing in employee benefits and internal growth opportunities like career development roadmaps.
P&G's strategy of structured career development and internal mobility leads to high rates of internal promotions. [ more ]
Eater SF
2 months ago
San Francisco

These 11 San Francisco Restaurants Violated the City's Employee Healthcare Mandate

Several well-known San Francisco restaurants violated a city law requiring employee health care benefits.
At least 11 businesses were found to be not in compliance with the law and agreed to settlements. [ more ]
The Business Journals
3 months ago
Public health

Weight-loss drug coverage tops unlimited PTO, remote work in benefits survey - The Business Journals

Coverage for weight-loss drugs is a highly desired employee benefit
Employees are willing to change jobs for access to coverage for weight-loss drugs [ more ]
4 months ago

The latest corporate benefit: Parental leave from your first day at work

More companies are scrapping minimum tenure requirements and offering benefits like paid parental leave from day one.
Tigerhall, a social learning platform, offers 12 weeks of fully paid maternity leave and 4 weeks of fully paid paternity leave to all employees. [ more ]
5 months ago

Why your employer might be taking away some much-loved benefits very soon

Employers are cutting back on competitive benefits for employees due to higher costs.
The decline in benefits is more pronounced in industries that experienced turmoil in 2023, such as tech and finance. [ more ]
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