A Texan Housepainter's Journey to Gender Confidence
In July, 2019, the documentary filmmakers Jessica Wolfson and Jessie Auritt met Millicent McCrory, a local housepainter, for lunch on the south side of Austin, Texas; they had heard about Millicent, or Millie, from a close friend, and they hoped Millie would agree to appear in a short film.
A Cop Movie review - arresting Mexican docu-drama twists police film tropes
ops are like actors - you have to put on an act so people respect you."
'Funniest of them all': tributes paid to Mort Sahl after death aged 94
Tributes have been paid to the trailblazing standup comedian Mort Sahl after his death at the age of 94.
George Butler, documentary filmmaker whose subjects included Schwarzenegger and Shackleton, dies at 78
George Butler, a documentary filmmaker who introduced audiences to a charismatic bodybuilder named Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Pumping Iron," and who later examined subjects as varied as explorer Ernest Shackleton, the ivory-billed woodpecker and his longtime friend John F. Kerry, died Oct. 21 at his home in Holderness, N.H.
Raymond Lewis documentary to make Los Angeles debut
"Raymond Lewis is the baddest dude you've ever seen."
That's how the movie trailer begins for the documentary "Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend."
Led Zeppelin joins TikTok
TikTok has a whole lotta love for Led Zeppelin after striking a deal to bring the band's entire discography to the video platform.
Spin control: Documentary 'Vinyl Nation' showcases records' renaissance
Some people believe there's something sacred about vinyl records - 12 by 12, 33 rpm.
Kevin Smokler, a documentary filmmaker, would be in that church.
Palm's brand resuscitated again for true wireless earbuds
After launching the Palm Phone in 2019, the reincarnated "Palm" is back again with its next new product. But it's not another smartphone.
Blake Thompson Named Executive President of Ramsey Network
After nine years at the helm of Ramsey Network, Brian Mayfield has accepted a new role at Ramsey Solutions, creating the opportunity for broadcast veteran Blake Thompson to step into the role as the network's executive vice president.
Dave Chappelle responds to Netflix controversy with a video clip from his concert.
Dave Chappelle responded to the controversy over his Netflix standup special "The Closer" - which has been criticized as promoting bigotry toward transgender people - by posting a five-minute video clip to Instagram on Monday in which he denied that he had been invited to speak to transgender employees of the streaming service and refused.