Meet the brave, consensual mayor set to face down Hungary's autocrat | Nick Cohen
ergely Karácsony does not have the commanding features of a warrior who can fight Europe's authoritarian nationalists.
Clarence Thomas insists supreme court justices do not rule based on politics
Supreme court justices do not rule according to personal views and are not politicians, the hardline conservative justice Clarence Thomas said on Thursday evening.
Sadiq Khan: Tories moving the goalposts' with voting system change
Currently, London's mayor is elected through a more proportional system where voters pick a first and second preference choice.
Review: 'Fiasco,' a Look at How America Got to Where It Is
An absorbing account of the Iran-contra scandal avoids lecturing, but the lessons are unavoidable.
The Guardian view on Boris Johnson's cabinet: new faces, not a new direction | Editorial
n Westminster it is often said that politics drives the timing of decisions. But this week's reshuffle by Boris Johnson is just the opposite: the timing is driving the politics.
The 10,000-Word Privacy Policy, Thanks To New Laws | AdExchanger
Since the early days of the internet, when federal regulators expressed concern that consumers did not understand what data was being collected about them online and how it was being used, companies have been drafting privacy policies.
IPWatchdog LIVE Event Wraps Up with Featured Speakers Makan Delrahim and Vishal Amin
"It's not up to antitrust laws and enforcers - if Congress wants to do that, they are perfectly capable...but it shouldn't be up to the courts and it certainly shouldn't be the role of antitrust enforcers to step in."
Joe Biden has 'great confidence' in top general Milley after Trump revelation
Joe Biden threw his weight behind the top US military officer on Wednesday, saying he had "great confidence" in the general who, according to a new book, took steps to prevent the outgoing Republican president Donald Trump from "going rogue" and launching a nuclear war or an attack on China.
Biden expresses confidence in Milley amid questions about his calls to China.
The country's senior-most military officer did not bypass his civilian leaders when he called his Chinese counterpart last October and January, his office said on Wednesday, as General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, moved to limit the damage from a book that alleges that he secretly called China twice over concerns that his boss at the time, President Donald J. Trump, might spark a war with Beijing.