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At the Mindsailors Design Studio, powerful ideas travel from sketches to fully assembled products under one roof - Yanko Design
When you say the words design process, the common misconception is that it's a formulaic approach that leads to results... However, the design 'process' (which I believe isn't the right word, to begin with) is a shapeshifting methodical approach that requires understanding a problem and time to develop a solution.
The love of curvilinear design
Modularity redefined
Do you love soft and organic shapes as much as I do? Do you find yourself adding a corner radius every time you design a square to make the shape more fluid?
Dell XPS 13 review (9310)
It can feel, sometimes, like the new Dell XPS 13 9310 is defying the rules of science.
Oddly satisfying stool design uses just three interlocking strips of wood - Yanko Design
The Tie Stool's beauty lies in its sheer simplicity - of not just design but also materials.
Want to Build a Brand That Will Win? You Need to Start With These Questions.
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I see it all the time. I'll be scrolling through a pitch deck for some buzzy new brand, and something just isn't adding up.
One of the best laptops on sale has $95 off in pre-Christmas deal
(Image credit: Future/Dell)
If you're looking for a great laptop deal this Christmas, we've found a doozy. Right now you can get the Dell XPS 13 with a solid $95 off, down from $949.99 to $854.99.
5 Ways Branding can Benefit Your Digital Marketing Business
With the dawn of the digital age, marketing has never been easier than now. The internet has provided a marketing platform unparalleled by any other traditional venue.
Why an Email Builder can Speed-up Your Marketing Efforts
We know that the right email can offer an ROI of up to 4,300 percent.
This hideous iPhone 13 design might be the worst mod we've seen
(Image credit: Caviar case)
We're all for custom designs and mods, and have seen some pretty excellent PS5 redesigns over the last few months.