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In today's digital world, enterprises and institutions of all types rely on multiple information systems as well as consumer data to run their daily business processes.
Calling yourself "agile" seems to be increasingly important nowadays. However, it's not as easy as following the guidelines for a methodology. Here, explore some pitfalls I've experienced with agile.
In just over a decade, we've witnessed how agile software development began as a grassroots movement to eventually progress and become a mainstream methodology.
Things change. Don't get behind.
Don't treat them like a mere portfolio. Today, if you are not number one, you are vulnerable, and to be number one in a product category, you have to be really focused.
Organizations spend a huge amount of time and resources to hire smart, talented, and self-motivated individuals who show a strong passion and commitment toward their own growth and the success of the organization.
It's been 28 years since Don Norman coined the term UX (User Experience).
If you are working in a professional space, especially in the time of the pandemic, then you know how important team collaboration is, especially using tools like Microsoft Teams.
Today, we look at a small cap concern in the contraceptive space called Agile Therapeutics.
Agile Leadership comprises five key drivers: integrity, innovation, urgency, engagement, and direction.
For many marketers, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant having to respond to changing circumstances faster than ever before.