Transformers in NLP
https://unsplash.com/photos/iy_MT2ifklc Unlike in Computer Vision, in Natural Language Processing (NLP), pre-trained models only became widely available recently.
Should we use AI in cybersecurity? Yes, but with caution and human help
Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool, and an expert says we had better ensure it stays just that-a useful tool.
Image: iStock/Blue Planet Studio
What happens when our virtual assistants die?
Virtual assistants are a lagniappe technology. Almost nobody actually needs them, but when they work properly they bring a little something extra to your life.
AWS launches HealthLake to help health care organizations query medical data | IT PRO
AWS has made its cloud-based health care data lake solution, Amazon HealthLake, generally available to customers.
Stop Learning Data Science to Find Purpose and Find Purpose to Learn Data Science!
Data scientists are in demand, there are no two ways about it.
What Is Cognitive Computing? - DATAVERSITY
Cognitive computing, a subfield of artificial intelligence, simulates human thought processes in machines using self-learning algorithms through data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing.
A Complete Step by Step Tutorial on Sentiment Analysis in Keras and Tensorflow
Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash Sentiment analysis is one of the very common natural language processing tasks.
Spotiscience: A Tool for Data Scientists and Music Lovers
Who doesn't like to work with music?