Facebook is going to change its name, report claims
Facebook is going to change its name later this month in order to reflect its intention to build the metaverse.
Unravelling the vital conversation between your product and voice tech
Great branding for marketers is the golden ticket to create a strong visual identity for products to fly off the shelves, however, accurate product is labelling is just as, if not more important to be getting right.
A Facebook video claims a media blackout. But check the news. It's still up and running. - Poynter
"Shocking news!" says the title of a nearly 13-minute video on Facebook. "Mass media destroyed! Blackout for mass arrests event!"
But the video offers no evidence of the aforementioned shocking news.
While COVID still rages, anti-vaccine activists will gather for a big conference
A major gathering of anti-vaccine activists will take place this weekend at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.
What pregnant women need to know about COVID and booster shots - The San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco health experts recommend that pregnant women should receive the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as a booster shot. (Unai Huizi/Shutterstock)
Austin City Council passes resolution committing to protect intersex human rights, healthcare
The resolution condemns non-consensual and medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children.
Combating COVID-19 Misinformation: Brief Infographic Exposure May Increase Trust in Science
Brief exposure to an infographic about the scientific process could strengthen people's trust in science and mitigate COVID-19 misinformation, according to Indiana University (IU) and Weill Cornell Medicine researchers.
Trump Wants to Build a Non-Cancelable' Internet for Conservatives
On Wednesday, former president Donald Trump revealed the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), a non-cancelable media company to rival the liberal media consortium.