Cuban leftists begin to turn their fire on the 'harmful practices of the state'
Luis Emilio Aybar is a voice from the left, which in Cuba means pretty far left. By any measure, he should be a stalwart defender of the island's communist regime.
YouTube removes videos posted by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that spread coronavirus misinformation
YouTube said Thursday that it has removed content posted by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's channel for violating rules against spreading misinformation about the coronavirus.
Trump Has Convinced His Followers He's About to Return to Office This Summer
Last month, a /HarrisX poll found that about 30 percent of Republicans thought it likely Trump would be declared president again this year. 1
As the supposed August "Trump reinstatement" date neared, the DHS worried the individuals and groups could shed blood as a way to somehow trigger a broader conflict. 1
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Three Things: Mary Had a Little Lambda | emptywheel
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It feels odd after nearly 18 months to spend so much less time reading and writing about COVID. I guess that's what successful vaccine will do to a pandemic.
Toyota Pulls Olympic TV Ads In Japan; Tinuiti Buys Bliss Point Media | AdExchanger
Toyota pulled its television advertising in Japan to avoid blowback, because the Olympic Games are widely opposed in the host country, especially after a recent spike in COVID-19 cases.
De-platform The Disinformation Dozen
WOODLAND HILLS, CA - MAY 16: A protester holds an anti-vaccination sign as supporters of President ... [+]
Vaccines for Kids, a Global Surge in Cases, and More Coronavirus News
Vaccinating children spurs controversy, the Delta variant fuels a global surge, and drugmakers and countries consider boosters. Here's what you should know:
Napa doctor charged in fake COVID-19 vaccination card scheme
A Napa naturopathic doctor is the first person to be federally charged with a fake COVID-19 vaccination card and natural treatment scheme, accused of lying about the safety of the shots to peddle phony treatments for the disease with falsified inoculation cards, prosecutors said.
Inside the Industry That Unmasks People At Scale
Image: Michelle Urra/Motherboard Hacking.
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