A Mayor and the Challenge of Making the City Safer
Eric Adams made public safety a campaign issue. Now, as mayor, he will be held accountable.
Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists
The cocktail of chemical pollution that pervades the planet now threatens the stability of global ecosystems upon which humanity depends, scientists have said.
Analysis | Did Green Camouflage Murkiness at a European Renewables Giant?
In the energy sector, ESG investors often focus on the "E" (environment); largely sidestep the "S" (social), and completely ignore the "G" (governance).
'Waiter! A bottle of 1975 Warhol please' - why every great artist has to do a wine label
ere's a good pub quiz question: what do David Shrigley, Tracey Emin and, er, Prince Charles have in common? The answer is they've all painted works of art you can order in a restaurant.
This device turns air into pure drinking water, providing 10 liters of fresh mineral water each day - Yanko Design
What's funny about the idea of progress is that it's much more layered than we think.
This insanely detailed Hayabusa scale-down model is made entirely out of paper - Yanko Design
With a dizzying level of detail all the way down to the cylinders on the engine and even the needles on the speedometer, this tiny Suzuki GAX1300R Hayabusa model shows how versatile and powerful paper is as a material.
Why giving AI 'human ethics' is probably a terrible idea
Editor, Neural by TNW
Tristan covers human-centric artificial intelligence advances, quantum computing, STEM, Spiderman, physics, and space stuff.
Potter - I'll never be a 'sexy' manager
Graham Potter is resigned to never being a "sexy" Premier League manager - but the Brighton boss has become one of the most admired by working in the right environment.
Sheldon Keefe on Jake Muzzin's play this season: "Not to the level he's shown in the league, and yet he's still a very valuable player and takes on very difficult minutes for us"
Keefe: It didn't necessarily impact what we were doing. It was up in the air, frankly, as to whether or not we were going to practice at all.
Security at Great Ormond Street Hospital to strike over 'unfair' maternity rights
Security guards at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital will this week begin a six-week strike over "unfair" maternity rights for pregnant workers.