UK to trial 'highly protected marine areas' in win for ocean campaigners
More than 97% of British offshore marine protected areas (MPAs), designed to safeguard habitats and biodiversity, are being dredged and bottom trawled, according to data published by the Guardian. 1
The Blue Marine Foundation said the pilot risks glossing over the "currently lamentable" system of MPAs around the UK. 1Nearly 40% of the country's territorial waters are covered by MPAs. 1
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French Companies Cite Issues at Nuclear Power Plant in China
One of the companies said there had been a buildup of gases at the heart of a nuclear reactor. They say the plant is still safe.
Accurics Aligns DevSecOps Platform With GitLab - DevOps.com
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Create a fully fledged, professional API with Flask in Python-Part 1
In this article we'll start creating an API that'll allows us to do all the thing described above.
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Recreating an ML Master's degree with Online Courses
The internet is full of courses and offers many learning materials.
You can use these resources to replicate the curriculum of an ML Master's degree.
Create a fully fledged, professional API with Flask in PythonPart 1
Our API is happily connecting our services (image by Steven Johnson on Pexels) An application without an API is much like a restaurant without waiters.
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