Googling for credible information can help correct belief in misinformation, according to a new study
Simply conducting a Google search to verify if a given statement about ethnic minorities in Japan is true or not could help correct disinformation, a new study published Wednesday in PLoS One found.
Home Office refuses to tell MPs legal basis on which pushbacks in Channel can be used
The Home Office has refused to disclose the legal basis on which it plans to use "pushbacks" in the English Channel to turn small boats around.
San Jose State to pay $1.6 million to 13 students in sexual harassment case - Silicon Valley Business Journal
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AI cannot be regulated by technical measures alone
Any attempt to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) must not rely solely on technical measures to mitigate potential harms, and should instead move to address the fundamental power imbalances between those who develop or deploy the technology and those who are subject to it, says a report commissioned by European Digital Rights (EDRi).
India Opens Its Highest Military Ranks to Women After Lengthy Fight
Combat roles will still be restricted, but female soldiers and sailors will have greater access to the academy that leads to choice leadership positions.
Agencies4Growth: Industry leaders on how to tackle microaggressions in the workplace
While they are a pertinent issue, microaggressions can be somewhat hard to define.
AC Milan Goalkeeper Racially Abused By Juventus Fan At The Allianz Stadium
AC Milan faced Juventus at the Allianz Stadium in Turin this weekend coming away with a 1-1 draw. Unfortunately, one of Milan's players was faced with racist abuse from some fans during the warm up.
Professor told to change 'China virus' language in syllabus
A professor at the University of Dallas who used the term "China virus" in his syllabus this semester was told to change the wording to "COVID-19" after students objected.
Germany's diversity shows as immigrants run for parliament
Ana-Maria Trasnea was 13 when she emigrated from Romania because her single, working mother believed she would have a better future in Germany. Now 27, she is running for a seat in parliament.
San Jose State to Pay $1.6 Million to 13 Students in Sexual Harassment Case
Investigations by the university and the Justice Department identified 23 student-athletes who had been inappropriately touched by an athletic trainer, officials said.