Conservative candidate dropped by party over Islamophobic tweets says she's still running as a Tory | CBC News
A Conservative candidate dropped by the party over Islamophobic tweets she says were faked insists she is still running as the "confirmed" Tory candidate in the Toronto riding.
Judge Blocks Biden From Continuing Inhumane Trump Policy to Deport Families
In a major win for asylum-seekers and human rights advocates, a federal judge on Thursday ordered President Joe Biden's administration to end a Trump-era policy of using Covid-19 pandemic to justify the swift deportation of migrant families.
The Largest Meal Kit Company in America Could Be the First to Unionize
Workers at two HelloFresh factories in California and Colorado have announced their intention to unionize.
Dominic Raab said 'I don't support the Human Rights Act' ahead of overhaul
Dominic Raab said "I don't support the Human Rights Act", it has been revealed, having now been handed control of an overhaul in Boris Johnson 's reshuffle.
It's bizarre we're at a point where reports are written on how human rights trump AI rights
The protection of human rights should be front and centre of any decision to implement AI-based systems regardless of whether they're used as corporate tools such as recruitment or in areas such as law enforcement.
Cyprus police forced British teen to 'retract' gang rape claim, says lawyer
A British teenager convicted of lying about being gang- raped in Cyprus was forced by police to retract her original statement outlining the attack, according to a lawyer supporting the young woman.
The U.N. Warns That AI Can Pose A Threat To Human Rights
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet speaks at a climate event in Madrid in 2019.
A recent report of hers warns of the threats that AI can pose to human rights.
Labour fears Dominic Raab will target rights act in new justice post
Labour and senior legal figures have raised concerns that Dominic Raab was appointed as justice secretary in order to enact wholesale changes to the Human Rights Act.
UN Human Rights Commissioner Urges Moratorium on AI System Sale, Use
In a press release, United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has stressed an urgent need for a moratorium on the sale and use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems that pose a serious risk to human rights until adequate safeguards are put in place.