'Weak Sauce': New industry tool for opt-out from email-based tracking misses ID tech and key players like Facebook and Liveramp - Digiday
However, while the industry group's new privacy control is intended to stop email-based audience matching - often referred to as onboarding - it does not work for email matching done by some of the biggest purveyors of those services: Facebook and LiveRamp. 1
"Those details still have to be ironed out," said Anthony Matyjaszewski, NAI's vp of compliance, regarding Google's opt-out implementation. 1
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Drilling Down on Criticism of Top-Down Approach to Determining Essentiality
"While both the Concur IP report and the Cooper report indeed take two different approaches to conducting patent essentiality determination based on subject matter experts' claim standard section mapping, the cited 2017 IPlytics EU report did not conduct or claim to conduct any essentiality determination."
A new tool that crowdsources CCPA violation allegations creates gray areas for businesses
"I think it's an interesting tactic because it kind of puts the consumer in the attorney general's office and helps them in the policing function," said Jessica B. Lee, partner, chair, privacy, security and data innovations at law firm Loeb and Loeb. 1
"Similar to tools automating letters for political advocacy causes, it spits out a draft letter after questions are answered. 1
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A/B Testing: Leverage the untapped potential
If you are on the internet, you are participating in A/B testing without consciously knowing about it.
Let's talk about the most common example we observe every day.
Design Patterns for Machine Learning
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash With Machine learning all over the place, it is becoming increasingly important to capture best practices and solutions to tackle common ML problems.
UC Berkeley enrolls another diverse class of freshmen
One year after admitting its most diverse freshmen class in 30 years, UC Berkeley has met or exceeded last year's success in its admission of underrepresented minority students for fall 2021.
The Authority Gap by Mary Ann Sieghart review - why men are still on top
he only thing worse than not being aware enough of gender inequality is experiencing it too much.
A Beginner's Guide to Python for Data Science
Photo by Danial Igdery on Unsplash Data scientists perform a large variety of tasks on a daily basis data collection, pre-processing, analysis, machine learning, and visualization.