Maralinga nuclear tests: descendants of displaced buy shares in company planning WA uranium mine
The descendants of people displaced by nuclear testing at Maralinga bought shares in a company planning to build a uranium mine on their country, in order to lodge an in-person objection to the project.
Sparks fly as neutral pronoun included in French dictionary
It's a neutral pronoun that's proving anything but: A nonbinary pronoun added to an esteemed French dictionary has ignited a fierce linguistic squabble in the country.
Salon Fair, Still Focused on Decor, Now Back at the Armory
On Park Avenue, booths display an intersection of design and art, from Japanese metalwork to an American artist who trained with Tiffany.
"Flowing Fragments" Sends A Message About Cultural Preservation
Inspired by the architecture of Greco-Roman civilization, designer Richard Yasmine created Flowing Fragments, a series of 16 mesmerizing, limited edition tables/stools that elicit the same kind of wonderment you get when you look at an impossible column optical illusion.
Team Behind Anthony Bourdain's Food Hall Revives Plans With Singaporean Hawker Center in Midtown
The ambitious, Anthony Bourdain-backed food hall slated to open at Pier 57 - a project that fell apart almost exactly four years ago - is back.
Climate change may harm future of Georgia's succulent state symbol, the peach
Lush, fuzzy, delicious: the Georgia peach is a succulent state symbol.
But human-caused climate change could spell doom for Georgia's peach crops - and the threat has begun to affect the area.
Fruit and veg sculptures in Hackney honour Windrush generation
The first permanent artwork to honour the Windrush generation in the UK has been unveiled in the east London borough of Hackney, as councils across the country kick off the first day of Black History Month.
Santiago Calatrava unveils Qatar Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai
Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has designed a curved structure that pays homage to Qatar's coat of arms for the country's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.
Priya Ragu On Writing With Her Brother & Carving Out A Creative Niche
Even while on the move, singer-songwriter Priya Ragu looks as composed as ever. When we log on for a video call in early September, she is speaking to me from the back of a moving taxi.
Outcry over killing of almost 1,500 dolphins on Faroe Islands
Even the staunchest defenders of traditional whaling in the Faroe Islands have condemned the "cruel and unnecessary" massacre on Sunday of a superpod of nearly 1,500 dolphins, which were driven into shallow waters of the Skálabotnur beach on the island of Eysturoy and left writhing for hours before being killed.