Ernst van de Wetering, Leading Rembrandt Authority, Dies at 83
At the Rembrandt Research Project in Amsterdam, he became, a fellow art historian said, "the arbiter of what is accepted as a Rembrandt painting."
For a Late-Summer Gathering, Try This Spin on a Salade Nicoise
Fanny Singer takes some liberties with her version of the classic dish, going so far as to include lettuce.
Cooking Class | Fanny Singer
I'm Fanny Singer.
Picasso pieces worth about $100m to be auctioned in Las Vegas
Las Vegas: the city of sin, where you can gamble away your savings, get married on a whim, dine on an octuple bypass burger at the Heart Attack Grill - and soon, it has been announced, take part in one of the most valuable Picasso auctions ever staged.
How the 'art of the insane' inspired the surrealists - and was twisted by the Nazis
n a winter's day in 1898, a stocky young man with a handlebar moustache was hurrying along the banks of a canal in Hamburg, north Germany.
Marie Boulanger explores how typography perpetuates gender stereotypes
Type designer Marie Boulanger has written a book about how typography is a "dangerous tool" for reinforcing gendered stereotypes and bias in design.
The Gallery of Miracles and Madness by Charlie English review - the fate of Hitler's 'degenerate' artists
n 1922 Hans Prinzhorn, a Heidelberg psychiatrist, published a book that set the art world on fire. At first glance Artistry of the Mentally Ill didn't sound as if it was breaking new ground.
Louise Fishman, Who Gave Abstract Expressionism a New Tone, Dies at 82
Her paintings infused a once-male-dominated genre with a feminist, lesbian sensibility.
Hitler's bronze horses to become government property in legal settlement
Two bronze horses sculpted by Josef Thorak for Adolf Hitler's New Reich Chancellery that were abandoned on a Soviet military base in East Germany will become government property after a legal settlement with the collector who acquired them, according to the German culture ministry.
Michael Lewis: 'I didn't believe in ghosts until I read Neil Gaiman'
The book I am currently reading Kazuo Ishiguro's . He has pulled off the most extraordinary thing, of putting the reader inside an artificial mind. He makes it look so easy.
Get on the waitlist for this Sistine Chapel exhibition now
Your chance to see a true masterpiece up close
In London, we're spoiled when it comes to art. Want to see some Warhol, Constable, Sergeant or Picasso?