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'Our rescue cat rescued us': how pets provided unconditional love in lockdown
My parents collected our puppy, Dolly, in late February and by mid-March we were locked down with her - and she has eased our anxiety a huge amount.
'Looking for a flamingo?': bird trafficking in Iraq - in pictures
"Is it flamingos you're looking for? Come to my place after 1pm," whispers Mustafa Ahmed Ali from inside his small shop, which is buzzing with bird sounds of all kinds.
Rings of steel: dog owners buy metal collars to deter thieves
A spate of dognapping in recent months has led to growing numbers of owners buying lockable, steel-core collars and leads that cannot be severed by bolt cutters as they walk their pets.
What's worse than discovering a mouse problem? Half a mouse problem
The oldest one is complaining about a mouse that he says lives in his bedroom.
"It scrabbles about under the floorboards," he says. "It sounds big."
"There will be more than one," I say.
Happy 'farmily': portraits of people and their animals - in pictures
Photographer Tasha Hall creates what she calls 'farmily' portraits - featuring families and their animals.
Don't deny us the joy of cheap flowers | Brief letters
'm sure cheap flowers do have a high environmental cost ( Letters, 25 February).
Beware of social media: warning for UK dog owners as thefts rise
Dog owners should be wary of posting pictures of their pet on social media and leaving them unattended outside shops, police have warned, amid a rising number of dog thefts in the UK.
Thrill of the hunt leaves a bitter taste | Brief letters
ach day, at breakfast, I turn first to your wonderful country diary column to provide cheerful sustenance against the unremitting gloom to follow elsewhere.
Let's satnav our way out of lockdown | Brief letters
ill someone please tell Boris Johnson that hardly anyone uses a roadmap any more ( Tory MPs tell Johnson to commit to lifting Covid restrictions by end of April, 13 February).
Meaty meals and play stop cats killing wildlife, study finds
Feeding pet cats meaty food and playing with them to simulate hunting stops them killing wildlife, according to a study.