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A deeper dive into Reddit's design patterns and information architecture
Ah, the joys of the interconnectedand continually controversial worldwide web.
Reddit is the homebase for an online community open to social news, web content and commentary.
Twitter Communities now work on Android
Twitter is rolling out its Communities feature, a rival to Facebook Groups and Reddit, to Android users worldwide.
Twitter Finally Brings Communities to its Android App
It could, of course, enable you to find new tweet discussions to join, which could expand your tweeting activity, but with Communities currently being either 'invite-only' or 'open to all', that means that you either need to know somebody already in an interest area to gain access (and community discovery is not overly intuitive), while 'open to all' groups are generally filled with spam - which even the invited groups are as well, to a degree, due to flaws in the joining process (each new member can invite five of their own connections).
How to Celebrate CMAD - CMX
Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) is an annual celebration in the community industry.
The Business of Harnessing the Power of Social Media
Social media platforms and channels continue to evolve, challenging businesses to adjust social strategies to capture the attention of target audiences, build brand visibility and generate leads.
The HubSpot Blog's 2022 Social Media Marketing Report: Data from 310 Marketers
In our recent Marketing Trends survey, we learned that social media is the most effective channel marketers leverage, as well as the channel they use most.
The Finalists of the 2022 Community Industry Awards - CMX
The 2022 Community Industry Awards are the second annual celebration of the best in the community industry.
Foundations Of Community Success
Over the last two years, the place of community in organizations shifted, with community programs becoming a commonly required investment at all types of companies.