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NYC music
Belle, Sebastian and Me
He's game to go to some shows, but I'm a little worried he might not get it, whatever it is.Reflection is a young woman's game - it tends to go better when you don't have quite so much to reflect about.My boyfriend, with the fervor of the newly converted and the completist tendencies unique to music writers, Spotifies his way through the Belle and Sebastian catalog as we drive.He's a music writer who has occasionally mocked me about my B & S love.Credit... Dadu Shin May 31, 2022, Seattle, Paramount Theater My favorite band is on the road and I'm putting on a mask and going with them.
NYC music
Video: Elton John Is Awarded the National Humanities Medal
President Biden, with Jill Biden, the first lady, presented Elton John at the White House with the award, which is meant to honor people or groups whose work deepens American access to cultural experiences.