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Half of enterprises cannot trust their CRM data for a single source of truth on customers
SAN FRANCISCO - October 26, 2021 - Half of large enterprises worldwide (47%) feel they cannot rely on their CRM data to provide a single source of truth regarding customer data, according to the State of Enterprise CRM Data Management: 2021 study released today.
AWS Announces the Public Preview of AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift
Recently AWS announced the public preview of AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift.
How to help corporate decision-makers become more comfortable with data fabrics
Data fabrics hold the key to unlocking data value. But first, business executives have to understand how fabrics work, and IT needs to know how to build them.
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How machine learning speeds up Power BI reports
Machine learning delivers insights in Power BI reports-and it enables you to get a large amount of data into your reports to generate those insights more quickly.
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St. Louis Cardinals Job Opening
Summary of Responsibilities:
The role of the Senior Cloud Engineer will be to design, develop, and maintain cloud infrastructure for the baseball data systems of the St. Louis Cardinals.
Data platform Y42 raises $31M
Berlin-based low-code data platform Y42 today announced that it has raised a $31 million Series A funding round co-led by Atomico and Insight Partners.
Learn the skills to be a data analyst with courses on Python, Excel, Power BI and more
No previous knowledge or experience is required to take these self-paced courses that can teach you skills to qualify for in-demand data analysis careers.
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Draw Out Evidence From Data With This Complete Big Data Bundle
We generate enormous amounts of data every day, with where we go, what we do, and how we interact with the world around us.
How to Enable Data-Driven Decisions by Integrating Your Apps
How big is your business's database? From the moment someone becomes interested in your product or service and long after the purchase, you're collecting data - and it can multiply fast.
Everything You Need to Know About Gathering High-Quality Data
There was a time when gathering data was a hard task. Later on, it was a challenge to integrate data, and then it seemed almost impossible to keep it clean.