Adobe gives $1M each to San Jose State University, Bowie State University and Winston-Salem University to boost diversity in tech - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Adobe Inc. has donated to $1 million to San Jose State University as part of an effort to prepare and attract more members of underrepresented groups into the tech industry.
Some of iOS 15's best features are borrowed from Google and Zoom
Many of the new features in Apple's new iOS 15 mobile operating system, which launched this week, appear to be closely based on the look and feel of features already launched on other tech platforms.
Here's how to become an in-demand cybersecurity expert
Just a couple of years of IT experience is all that's necessary to break into the cybersecurity field with this self-paced training.
Image: Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock
Send your career to new heights by becoming an AWS expert | ZDNet
Being a network tech is not at all a bad gig, but if you've been doing it a while and would like to blow past the competition, why not become a cloud computing guru?
No, Tech Monopolies Don't Serve National Security
In what appears to be a "throw spaghetti on the wall approach" to stopping antitrust reform targeting Big Tech, a few Members of Congress and a range of former military and intelligence officials wrote a letter asserting that these companies need to be protected for national security.
You can now eliminate the password for your Microsoft account
By using an alternative means of authentication, you can now go passwordless on your Microsoft account.
Image: Daniel Chetroni/Shutterstock
Biden's new FTC nominee is a digital privacy advocate critical of Big Tech
President Biden made his latest nomination to the Federal Trade Commission this week, tapping digital privacy expert Alvaro Bedoya to join the agency as it takes a hard look at the tech industry.
Joe Biden to nominate facial recognition critic to FTC
President Joe Biden is expected to nominate privacy hawk Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission, as first reported by Axioson Monday.
Is it so bad to take money from Chinese venture funds?
China is becoming a superpower in the tech industry.