Grenfell firefighters 'should not be scapegoats for central Government failings'
Firefighters who responded to the Grenfell Tower fire should not be "scapegoated" for central Government and corporate failings, an inquiry into the disaster has heard.
Ricardo Bofill, Architect of Startling Buildings, Dies at 82
His structures were so bold, they served as the backdrop for movies and television shows, including 'Westworld' and a 'Hunger Games' film.
Thousands of children living in 'unimaginable' conditions in temporary housing
Thousands of families are being forced into "unhabitable" temporary accommodation, according to a report which accused the government of failing to stop "appalling abuses" of children's human rights.
Insulate Britain campaigners released from prison
An Insulate Britain campaigner who undertook a hunger strike while in prison has said it was "a beautiful day" as she was released from captivity.
What is the cladding scandal and how does the Government intend to fix it?
The safety of high-rise buildings has been under the microscope since dozens of people lost their lives in the tragic Grenfell Tower blaze.
The Guardian view on soaring energy bills: the less well-off need a new deal | Editorial
ven before global energy prices began to soar last spring, too many people in Britain could not afford to keep their homes warm in a cold winter.
1 in 5 children in England live in cramped or unsuitable homes, research finds
Research into the country's housing crisis reveals that one in five - or two million - children in England are living in homes that are cramped, unaffordable or unsuitable.
Quarry Hill: What happened to the utopian social housing in Leeds?
In 1932, a delegation from Leeds visited Vienna to see Europe's ambitious, modernist social housing projects.
Analysis | Can Germany's New Coalition Revive Centrism?
Germany's next government brings together an unprecedented partnership - a coalition of center-left Social Democrats, market-liberal Free Democrats, and Greens.
Welsh communities are enriched by incomers | Letter
I fail to recognise the village described in Steven Morris's article ( 'It's cultural genocide by bank transfer': the Welsh speakers campaigning against second homes, 17 November).