While Americans mark Thanksgiving, Republicans panned over Harris attack
An attack on Kamala Harris for buying expensive French cookware rebounded on the Republican party over Thanksgiving, moving social media users to compare the vice-president's culinary outlay with the cost to taxpayers of Donald Trump's four years in power.
The Disconnect Between Biden's Popular Policies and His Unpopularity
Voters often punish a president for pushing an unpopular agenda. But President Biden has been learning that they rarely reward a president for enacting legislation.
Wedding cakes, tweets and gay teachers: how will the religious discrimination bill actually work?
The Coalition's religious discrimination bill was introduced on Thursday, almost three years after it was promised, and has implications for multiple areas of public life, from schools and workplaces to churches and hospitals.
The Peppa problem: why did Boris Johnson's CBI speech bomb so badly?
In recent speeches, Boris Johnson has cited Kermit the frog and James Bond, and relied on all manner of football analogies too.
Where is Zhang Gaoli? Official accused by Peng Shuai remains out of public eye
For the past three weeks, the world has been asking #WhereIsPengShuai, after the Chinese tennis star alleged on social media she was sexually assaulted by a former senior government official.
Scott Morrison says gay teachers should not be fired under religious discrimination laws
Scott Morrison has said gay teachers should not be fired from religious schools for their sexuality, adding to his longstanding but still unfulfilled commitment to protect gay students from expulsion.
How Your Post-Thanksgiving Diet Could Help Save the Planet
As you tuck into your Thanksgiving dinner, the kick-off event (at least for Americans) of the holiday season, spare a thought for the planet's carbon waistline.
U.S. Supreme Court takes up Austin's ban on 'off-premises' digital billboards
The case before the Supreme Court is about billboards, but concerns the broad questions of free speech rights.
AUSTIN, Texas - Austin's billboard laws have made it to the U.S. Supreme Court.
LGBTQ Realtor Offers Tips for Queer First-Time Home Buyers
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