impact.com Fiscal Year H1 2021: $1.5bn Valuation, $150m in Funding, BigCommerce Integration, 69% Customer Growth
"In today's digital world, consumers are in full control.
Front-end monitoring with Sentry.io and React
In this article, let's take a closer look at front-end monitoring: what it is, why it is important, and we can get started integrating it using Sentry.
What is Front-End Monitoring
Facebook's latest "apology" reveals security and safety disarray
Facebook had it rough last week. Leaked documents- many leaked documents-formed the backbone of a string of reports published in The Wall Street Journal.
Triton Digital to knit together podcast, broadcast, and streaming in unified buying platform - RAIN News
Ad-tech company Triton Digital, which has long operated across audio categories in its measurement and marketplace platforms, is now tying it all together in a unified global audio exchange that aggregates audiences across broadcast, podcasting, and streaming.
Brexit made an unlikely hero of Angela Merkel for Britain's remainers | Rafael Behr
ngela Merkel is used to being unimpressed by British prime ministers. She was appalled by David Cameron's casual surrender of influence in Europe, all to placate fringe elements in his party.
Platform161 (Now Part of Verve Group) Integrates with LiveRamp
The partnership will provide a solution to the deprecation of third-party cookies and restricted use of Apple's Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) by enabling advertiser access to addressable inventory and increased audience recognition across cookie-less environments.
AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ad Tech Provider Reports Q2 2021 Results
According to the official announcement, such an increase fits into the company's forecasts, with further growth expected for Q3 & Q4 2021, given the acquisition of new Supply partners in LATAM and across ASEAN.
Is this England's best generation of keepers?
The goalkeeping landscape in women's football is changing - and it means the battle for England's number one spot has never been more competitive.
Exploring Malleability as a Catalyst for Change in the Workplace With Schiavello
You've likely heard it said that change is the only constant in this world. No matter what we're dealing with - the pandemic, technology, societal trends - there it is.