Taking localization to i18next level | Tolgee
· 3 min read
The i18next library is one of the most popular choices for formatting translations in React applications.
OnePlus Buds Z2 review
OnePlus introduces the Buds Z2, a successor to the brand's OnePlus Buds Z. For the most part, the design and overall look of the buds is the same as the Buds Z, but with overall enhancements throughout the product including larger drivers and improved battery life.
Chasing History review: Carl Bernstein's pre-Watergate world
ew reporters are synonymous with their craft. Bob Woodward of the Washington Post is one, his former partner, Carl Bernstein, another.
Formerly known as the Michelin Challenge, the "Movin'On Challenge Design" is now accepting entries for 2022! - Yanko Design
With its new brand name and its newly unveiled theme for the 2022 leg of the competition, the Movin'On Challenge Design is all set to revolutionize the world of transport and make it sustainable, equitable, and beneficial to everyone.
Alibaba predicts coming advances in AI, silicon photonics
Alibaba has published a report detailing a number of technology trends the China-based megacorp believes will make an impact across the economy and society at large over the next several years.
7 obstacles that organizations face migrating legacy data to the cloud
Some of the major obstacles center on concerns about compliance, fears about security and infrastructure and uncertainty about budget requirements, says Archive360.
First woman to command Army training takes over role from husband
The first female officer to command the No 1 Army Training Regiment has taken on the role - from her husband.
Pictured with PMs, the 'Chinese agent' who weaved her way into Westminster
Clutching her handbag and grinning as she poses for a picture alongside then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in 2016, Christine Ching Kui Lee cuts an unassuming figure.
Meshed Cybersecurity Platforms Enable Complex Business Environments | SecurityWeek.Com
Cybersecurity deployments have become as complex as the networks they are trying to protect. And that's not a good thing.
tmwi Appointed by ZEISS Vision Care to Drive Integrated Paid Social Campaigns
Audience and content alignment forms a key aspect of the strategy, enhancing reach, brand awareness and recognition.