Design Mentorship Programs
Whether you're just starting off your design career or a seasoned pro looking to get involved in growing the design community, mentorship can be a helpful starting point.
Thinking, fast and slow: AI edition
APPLE | GOOGLE | SPOTIFY | OTHERS Editor's note: The TDS Podcast is hosted by Jeremie Harris, who is the co-founder of SharpestMinds, a data science mentorship startup.
Simple Image Classification Using FastAI.jl
The Fastai library is now on Julia with similar features available in Python.
In this project, we are going to train the Resnet-18 model to classify images from the ImageNet dataset in few steps.
Criterion Systems acquires Protas Solutions - Washington Business Journal
Six months after it purchased intelligence contractor Realm Consulting Inc., Criterion Systems Inc. made another move on Tuesday, acquiring Protas Solutions Inc. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Dimensionality Reduction Of Image Dataset
Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash Creating a Machine Learning model using high dimensional data can lead to a model having a very high variance and overfitting which means that the model is not generalized enough to be used on unseen data.
6 Reasons Why I Think Agile Data Science Does Not Work
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash Data is the new oil and agile methodology is the best way to extract this valuable resource?
How To Transform A Customer Journey Into A Cultural Journey | AdExchanger
According to the US Census Bureau, by the year 2045, the minority population of America will become the majority.
This Redwood City startup is using behavioral science to battle student absenteeism
When children miss school, their parents usually receive a stern phone call from an administrator, or worse, a truancy letter.
Beef up your knowledge on AI and machine learning with this expert-led bundle
Technology is the future - we're surrounded by it and have made leaps and strides in how we've integrated it into our everyday lives.
How to Generate Professional API Docs in Minutes from Docstrings
Image source: Pixabay (Free to use) We all love good and comprehensive documentation when we use a new library (or re-use our favorite one for the millionth time), don't we?