Who wants an electric superwagon? Porsche offers 590-hp GTS Sport Turismo
When Porsche announced the Taycan Cross Turismo, plenty of automotive enthusiasts raised half an eyebrow. The car checked so many boxes-wagon body style, blazing fast, all-electric.
Neri Oxman calls for "a radical realignment between grown and built environments"
In the final manifesto of the Dezeen 15 digital festival, architect and designer Neri Oxman suggests that design can heal the rift between nature and humanity.
Samsung Flips Out With the Colorful Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Studio
The truth is when it comes to smartphones today, nearly every upper-tier model features specs delivering fantastic performance. This glut of capable devices has spurred on manufacturers to (finally!)
Mario Kart Live 2.0 Update Adds Split-Screen Multiplayer, Four-Player Relay Racing, And More
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit has received a new 2.0 update, and it brings split-screen multiplayer, a new four-player Relay Race mode, additional tracks, and more customization to the racer.
Shin Megami Tensei V Review - Beauty In An Unforgiving World
The Shin Megami series has always reflected the darkness and cruelty of the world we live in, offering a reminder that the odds are often stacked against us, and unfair circumstances can cause great loss.
13 Thanksgiving stuffing and dressing recipes, including cornbread, sausage, oyster and the VP's go-to
Did you grow up calling it stuffing or dressing? Either way, it's a crucial part of the traditional Thanksgiving spread.
Twitter's subscription product, Twitter Blue, launches in the U.S., and yes, it lets you undo tweets
Can you believe this site is free? It doesn't have to be!
Staff Picks: Three Easy Dinners from Wine Enthusiast Editors | Wine Enthusiast
This recipe is ripe for customization and can be made with just about any cabbage-adjacent vegetable and cheese you have on hand.
Forza Horizon 5 Accessibility Settings Detailed, American And British Sign Language Coming Soon
Microsoft has proven itself to be a leader in video game accessibility, and the features available in Forza Horizon 5 support reaffirm that status.
Python Launcher - Launching Python Everywhere
Sponsored by Shortcut
Special guest: Morleh So-kargbo
Django 4.0 beta 1 is now available.